Assembly Solutions and Equipments
for hose, cable, tube and wire

Welcome to Neotech Marken,

specialist in hose assembly machinery


Neotech Marken started its existence in 2012. The company was initiated by two young entrepreneurs, Yann CHAUVIRE and Hervé FRANCHETEAU, who both had the will to become independant and start their own company in France, putting into profit their 20 years of cumulated experience in the same industry.


Our core values are simple : Quality, Proximity, Reactivity, Service and business with friendliness.


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Neotech Marken manufacture hose crimping machines, electric or manual, (also know as hose swaging machines) meant to assemble hoses used in different environment (agriculture, forestry or construction equipment, mining, oil fields, automobile). Neotech Marken also resells peripheral machinery for hose cutting, hose skiving, hose testing, hose cleaning and solutions for hose storage and logistics.


For OE hose assemblers, Neotech partners with the US company MARKEN MANUFACTURING, world leader in automatic cutting solutions for rubber hoses, wire or cables. Together with Marken, we have also developped a range of heavy duty and large bore crimping machines up to 8''.


After more than 10 years of experience, Neotech Marken already export 60% of its products outside France, with distribution and service partners in different countries and with a significant amount of machines successfully installed in the field. Our customers appreciate of course the quality of our machines but also the level of expertise and quick service they can find with us. Our project being a long term one, the customers also enjoy the sincerity of a business relationship with Neotech Marken.


This is the range of products and services Neotech Marken is able to offer according to your industry :



Industrie du flexible

Hose industry

  • - Workshop hose crimping machines up to 4'' (new, second hand, repairs)
  • - Mobile workshop hose crimping machines
  • - Heavy Duty hose crimping machines , Brand MARKEN, up to hose size 8''
  • - Hose cutters or hose saws for rubber hoses
  • - Hose skiver for rubber hoses
  • - Marking machines for ferrules or tubes
  • - Storage and logistic solution for hoses and hose reels (coilers, decoilers, hose racks)
  • - MARKEN Automatic cutting solutions



Industrie du câble

Control Cable industry

  • - Crimping solutions for assembly of control cables
  • - Automatic cutting, measuring, spooling solutions for cable and wire





Industrie du tube

Tube and tube forming industry

  • - Crimping solution for end of tube forming, reshaping or assembly
  • - Tube cleaning solutions





Autres industries

Other industries

  • - Crimping solutions for any application needing a round deformation
  • - Integration of crimping heads into industrial processes


Complete range of manual or electric hose crimpers up to 8"

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Hose cutting

Reliable and safe hose cutters up to 4"

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Automatic cutting

High-quality cutting solutions by MARKEN©, guillotines or saws

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Hose skiving

Hand or electric skiving tools for rubber hoses

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Roll marking tools on hydraulic ferrules or tubes

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Hose testing

Test rigs for hose assemblies up to 4000 bars (58,000 psi)

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